I was looking through my photos and I found this one of us; us being Mum, Dad, my big brother Kim, my younger sister Lou and myself (in the middle).

That little orange beetle took on some great holidays, up and down the coast to my Nanna & Grandfather in Urunga, to the gloomy town on Nowra down south where Dad’s father lived. Lou and I were obsessed with paper dolls so as long as there was a new book to cut out and a sharp pair of scissors, we were perfectly content. Kim was a model maker; he was good at it too. The shelves of his room were decorated with airplane models assembled with great care and painted in astonishing detail. I guess you could say none of us were sporty types!

In discovering this photo I realise tomorrow  marks  four years since Mum left this world. The seemingly bottomless pit of grief some times levels out to a deep contentment and sense of gratitude that all is right and everyone in my life is where they should be. I’m thinking of you Mum.