I’m Cathy. Welcome to my first blog on our brand new website. Aside from running Little Kickerbell with my husband Rowen Matthews, collecting fabric is one of my favourite things to do. Vintage napery is my specialty, I like it because I can use it when I cook for others  and I love that it’s from another time that somehow feels more optimistic and simpler than now.

Many of the pieces I’ve collected are richly embroidered with colourful flowers, or edged with fine lace. I imagine most came from the sweet collections handmade by blushing brides as part to their trousseau; each stitch imbued with warm feelings for a bright beginning while others perhaps were made with love by a happy relative who communicated her good wishes through her fine needles and cotton threads.

So every time I lay my well worn clothes, or fold a napkin with a slightly faded bouquet, I think of the promise that’s sewn into the fabric and let that be a part of now because we can all do with a little more optimism and simplicity in our everyday.